Would You Like to try Appalachian Dancing?

We would like to start a new team to run alongside our existing team of dancers.  The age range will be from 18 to 50.  Dancers need no previous experience as all steps and moves will be taught.  Musicians will need a certain amount of ability.  

It is hoped that, after an initial start period, the new team will become independent of the "mother" group and perform under their own name.   

For the existing team, new members of any age are always welcome, but we can only accept persons under 16 years of age if accompanied by their parent.  Previous experience of Appalachian dance is not necessary (but it helps).
Experience in other forms of dance is also useful but not a requirement.  The style of dance is energetic and requires a degree of fitness to be effective.

New members are welcome at any time of the year, but often autumn is the best time to start to allow more time for tuition.  The spring and summer are usually busy preparing to dance out at festivals.
New dancers should expect around a year of tuition to reach a standard for dancing out at public events.

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